Experience the world sustainably.

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This is a map that shows facilities and services in your area that are environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.

The map helps to draw attention to sustainable strategies such as

The information is loaded from OpenStreetMap.

Is this map also available as an app?

You can add this map to your homescreen from your smartphone. Use the “add to homescreen” function in your browser (iOS, Android, etc.)

How can I register a facilitie or offer?

Thank you very much for your commitment! OpenStreetMap is a project that anyone can participate in. Everything goes through the website, the tools are designed so simple that anyone can use them.

How to document a facilitie or offer is described in this wiki.

Can I do this without registering?

Yes. Use the note button in the map corner.

Is there anything else to do?

Sure, helping hands are always welcome and there is something for everyone to do.

Do you like to be outside?

Then find public and free facilities and offers and add them in OSM. Always check if they really exist by visiting them.

Vespucci (Android) and Go Map!! (iOS) are useful helpers on the road.

Do you like to take pictures?

Visit already registered facilities and photograph them and link the picture in OpenStreetMap. The map supports the tags mapillary, flickr, wikimedia_commons and image. Wiki page about Photo linking

Do you want to translate the map into your language?

The texts are located in the src folder in the files local.ts, index.html and Send me a pull request via GitHub or contact me directly.

Do you like to write?

Complete the description of the facilities in the OpenStreetMap Wiki. You can find a direct link to the Wiki page on the map next to the selection of the facilities via the info button .

Can you program?

Then improve this map and send me a Pull Requests. Click here to go to the project website of the sustainable map

Or extend the support for tags and keys in the OpenStreetMap tools. iD (Browser), JOSM (PC), Vespucci (Android), Go Map!! (iOS)


Known sustainable facilitie or offer

There are many websites for sustainable facilities and offers. Find something you like and worth to support and add them to OpenStreetMap.

You can find links to external resources on the map next to the selection of the facilities via the info button .

I have a website, can I use this map?

Yes. The app is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License v3.0. The code is free for use, copying and modification if you publish under the same license.

The code can be used as a basis for your own theme map.

View the source code of this map on GitHub

I cannot program, how can I create my own theme map?

Try one of the following services:

Other maps based on OpenStreetMap


More maps for inspiration:

Support me with coffee ☕ and cake 🍰: